Our founder,
Joseph "Sam" Wartman

"Every day can be a holiday so enjoy yourselves . . ."

Here's what our visitors have to say about us. We think you'll agree, SO,
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“The Wartman Hotel is the place to stay if showers are of no concern.”
 Customer #86
“The most anonymous hostel in New York City. You won’t know who you are when you are there.”
 Customer #12
“A thrilling man taught me a new word as we stood on the ledge of the Wartman Hotel. FRUITAL meaning a fruitful futileness.”
 Customer #145
“I love the desk clerk clicking the lobby abacus. It is dryer than a waterfall and I hate being wet.”
 Customer #3
“I got to stay in the yellow room! Even the complimentary floss matched the ceiling!”
 Customer #57
“We were married in the 4th floor hallway and spent our honeymoon in the 5th floor hallway.”
 Customers #13 and #14
“Mr. Icarus drew me a beautiful map to the Band-Aid Museum.”
 Customer #99
“The fire extinguisher made a pass at me—but besides that, the service was less than I expected.”
 Customer #8
"The chocolates and savories under the bed were a nice touch."
Customer #139
"The valet let our boys play with the cars in the parking lot across the street."
Customer #8,921
"Whenever I visit the Wartman I feel hungry, so I quick tuck into a plate of shoe gravy in their commodious dining facilities!"
Customer #333
 Customer #999,999,999