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Cage Dies Bird Flies
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"Cage Dies Bird Flies"
Multi-phase collaborative work, 2010 - present


“Cage Dies Bird Flies” is an ongoing, multi-phase collaboration with writer Ben Miller. Each phase consists of 81 works inspired by Miller's short texts. These words, in turn, form the basis of books, exhibitions, recordings, and performances.

Two phases have been completed thus far, and a third phase is near completion. The absolute melding of word and image is a signal feature, and continues my lifelong interest in combining the two disciplines of writing and image-making. The styles range from illustrative clarity to ruminative obscurity.

Ben Miller's bio.


"Cage Dies Bird Flies—Phase I"


"Cage Dies Bird Flies—Phase II"


"Cage Dies Bird Flies—Phase III"


"Cage Dies Bird Flies—Phase 1," large paintings
and performance at the {Re}HAPPENING, April 2014


"CDBF-Showers of Laughter and Tears," performance at the Gowanus Loft, Brooklyn, NY, March 2015